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About Us

“Patina” is defined as “the highly desirable and sought-after finish that is created naturally over time and which is enhanced with the passage of time.”

Our Vision

Lead the “executive-on-demand” revolution. 

Our Mission

  • Maximize business agility and accelerate results for clients.
  • Match executives to client needs with precision and speed. 
  • Expand, foster and engage the Patina Nation community of executives.
  • Earn most trusted partner status with our clients.
  • Provide a collaborative and rewarding environment for employees.

Our Values

  • Act with integrity, respect and fairness to all. 
  • Stay completely obsessed with positive outcomes.
  • Recognize and encourage initiative and innovation.
  • Celebrate success and support others.
  • Build and value enduring relationships.

About Patina

Patina. It’s a word that resonates with all of us at Patina Solutions. After all, we built our company by employing the world’s most experience-based business model.

We are truly inspired by the experiences, knowledge and career accomplishments of our professionals. And every day, we are honored by their interest and enthusiastic commitment to our company and serving our clients.

From our humble beginnings in Milwaukee in late 2008, we have kept our focus on becoming the employer of choice for those professionals with 25+ years of experience who desire — and choose — to work in rewarding, engagement-based roles.

Since that time, we have grown to 13 offices nationwide, with increasing international capabilities as a founding member of Globalise — the global group of leading interim management firms.  And we are just getting started.  Patina has successfully raised growth capital from individual angel investors who believe in the Patina mission and in our leadership team.

So here’s what we strive to live up to as a company: Be devoted to serving our clients — while always demanding excellence from ourselves. Treat our employees with respect and continue to operate with integrity and impeccable ethical standards.

Any success we’ve experienced is directly attributed to the successes we’ve delivered to our clients.  We’ll never lose the passion we have for doing the right things.