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Antonio Schiavone


Antonio Schiavone


Antonio is an experienced professional with more than 25 years in manufacturing environments, including those related to building products, textiles and steel processing, food products, and fuels. He currently works with Patina’s manufacturing, supply chain and durable goods clients to provide project delivery, people development, and intellectual capital creation.

Prior to his Practice Director role at Patina, Antonio held leadership positions at Leigh Fibers, Targa Sound Terminals, and Georgia Pacific while also currently serving on the Board of Director of the South Carolina Manufacturing Administration (SCMA). He is an experienced Reliability and Engineering Management professional and U.S. Navy veteran. Additionally, he founded and operates a consultancy providing critical maintenance and engineering support and leading predictive and preventative programs.

Schiavone graduated from the U.S. Navy Technical School and received both his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and his MBA in Management and Operations from the University of Toledo.


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