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“Patina Solutions instills confidence in clients - they have a knowledgeable, seasoned professional working for them. This allowed me to quickly assimilate into the organization and to make positive contributions right away.”

- Conrad Muehrcke, SPHR, Patina Professional

"Patina Solutions is unique because they invest in seasoned professionals who understand their industry, have the expertise needed and know the protocols for success. Patina Professionals hit the ground running and get the job done."

- Tom Hajny, Patina Professional

“Patina fills a much-needed niche in the market and does so with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism. Patina shows a genuine regard for the needs and desires of both clients and professionals.”

- Christine M. White, Patina Professional

“Patina provides me the opportunity to utilize all of the skills I have built throughout my career while allowing me to do the things I want to do when I want to do them.”

- Douglas Weber, Patina Professional

“Patina has everything buttoned up; all the processes are well-organized and managed in a professional way. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”

- Jane Nero, Patina Professional

“Patina offers a choice for those of us who want to work on a flexible, project-basis rather than in a permanent, full-time position. The freedom to choose an assignment that suits your skills and interest is very liberating.”

- Heather Bossin, Patina Professional

“Working with Patina, I get exposed to a number of different businesses and products. I enjoy the diversity and flexibility that different engagements offer as well as the opportunities to help businesses and individuals succeed.”

- Bob Seidel, Patina Professional


How many engagements will I be offered once I join the Patina Nation?

The needs of Patina's clients dictate the amount and type of work that we are able to offer.  Once you complete and submit our registration form, your information is available to our leadership team for consideration on engagements in all of our markets. If a client need matches your expertise, we will contact you for more information.

Since the market drives our need for particular skill sets at any given time, you may or may not be contacted for engagement opportunities. Please note that we will always have more people interested in working on projects than we can engage at any one time.

Patina is growing rapidly. We are offering high-quality and professionally fulfilling engagements. With our skilled business development team, we expect to offer increasing opportunities for projects and interim roles.

What types of communications can I expect from Patina?

Patina values the individuals who are interested in working on engagements on behalf of the company and encourages open, two-way communication. As part of our Patina Nation, some of the ways in which we may be in contact with you include:

  • Talent Bulletins: Sent when a client request is a little outside our normal engagement scope and you might be able to help by recommending a professional. We offer you a referral fee in this process.
  • Private Equity Scout Program: Sent when our private equity clients are looking to invest in or acquire companies. We offer referral fees in this program as well.
  • Updates from Patina: Keeps you up-to-date on what is happening at Patina and will come from either our CEO or your local office Managing Partner.

We do suggest remaining a member of the Patina Nation even if you decide to take a full-time role, since there are several ways to earn compensation as noted above. 

Whom do I contact with my questions, concerns and suggestions?

Please reach out to the Patina office closest to you at any time.  The Contact Us section of our website has details.

Whom do I contact to provide updates on my employment qualifications and availability?

Please email us here.

Is there a fee to join the Patina Nation?

There is no cost to join the Patina Nation or to be considered for engagements.

Do I have to be exclusive with Patina?

We do not ask that you be exclusive with Patina. We realize that you may have other employment opportunities that you wish to pursue.

What happens if I decline an engagement?

Patina offers excellent flexibility. If you choose to decline an engagement for any reason, that is completely fine with us.

How much will I be paid when I work for Patina?

The pay rate we offer you is based on the complexity of the engagement, and it may vary by engagement. Patina pays all of its employees on a bi-weekly basis. For the protection of our Patina Professionals and clients, and in order to comply with employment laws, Patina generally operates with a W2 employment model.

Does Patina have a referral program?

Yes, we appreciate referrals from the professionals in the Patina Nation, and bonuses are available for the following types of referrals:

  • Business contact - you arrange and join Patina on an introductory call to a contact, and Patina wins an engagement with this contact within 12 months*
  • Patina Professional - you refer a professional for a specific engagement (you will be notified via email of the necessary qualifications), and that person works on the engagement*
  • Patina staff member - you refer someone for an open staff position at Patina (Managing Partner, Managing Director, etc.) and that person is hired*
  • Opportunity lead - you make us aware of a possible engagement, and Patina pursues and wins the engagement*

*Please contact the Managing Partner of your Patina office for full details (including amount and timing of referral bonus paid) or to make a referral.

What if a Patina client I am serving wants to hire me?

This is not a part of the normal Patina service model and we are very clear when we position our solutions to clients. However, if a client wants to hire you, and you are also interested, we will support the hire. Patina does have the right to charge a fee to the client if this happens.

What if I decide to take a salaried job with another employer during a Patina engagement?

When we present an opportunity to you, we will discuss the expected duration of the engagement. We expect you to be willing and able to complete the engagement when you accept it so that the Patina client is best served. If you cannot complete the Patina engagement, we do expect enough notice from you to allow us to find another solution and to make a smooth transition with the client.

Are there salaried opportunities at Patina?

We do have limited salaried roles in business development, talent sourcing, practice leadership and office general management. For the time being, most all of the employees serving on client engagements will be paid as hourly employees.  However, long-term projects may offer salaried opportunities.

Serving Our Clients

Projects & Engagements

The vast majority of our professionals serve Patina’s clients by working on projects and interim engagements. Our opportunities include executing or managing special projects; providing consulting, advising and thought leadership solutions; and performing interim or part-time executive and management roles. These can be short or long term — or full or part time.

Mentoring & Coaching

Some Patina Professionals enjoy spending a few hours a month utilizing their lifetime of experience, skills, accomplishments and wisdom to help develop our clients’ high-potential employees. Patina Professionals mentor and coach by using phone, email, Skype or live meetings to develop future leaders.

Board & Advisory Board Roles

Patina is a great resource for board members or advisory board members. Many of our professionals choose to work with us exclusively in these types of roles. We’ll be happy to introduce you to these opportunities as they arise.

If you are interested in being considered for any of these opportunities, please register here.

Working Within Patina

Practice Director

Patina Practice Directors and Subject Matter Experts provide technical expertise and leadership in their field and serve as leaders of their practice area in a specific market or region. They make sure we have the right and best talent assigned to each engagement, provide oversight of engagements to ensure quality, deliver appropriate tools and methodologies, and facilitate knowledge sharing to other Patina Professionals. Part- or full-time opportunities exist.

Managing Director

Join the Patina team in a business development role as a Managing Director focused on establishing and fostering strong client relationships. Managing Directors find opportunities, develop solutions, help ensure a good match of talent to client needs and stay involved to ensure client satisfaction on projects and engagements.

Referral Agent

As a referral agent, you make introductions on our behalf to business leaders you know at corporations and organizations and receive compensation for your valuable service. This is an extension of our business development function.

Merge Your Firm With Ours

If you are a small firm, discover the possibilities of succeeding together by joining forces with us. Instead of facing the many challenges of being an independent small business owner, consider merging your business with an exciting, fast-growing company like Patina. We have a large group of dedicated business development professionals, a strong global presence and growth capital.

If you’re interested in finding out more about joining the Patina team, please contact the Managing Partner at the office closest to you.

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