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Boomer Bust

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Isthmus newspaper recently published an article by Dave Cieslewicz on the baby boomer generation.  Insights are provided by Drew Howick, a senior advisor for leadership and organizational development at Patina Solutions.

See original article here.

You can think of the baby boom generation as all of us who are older than the most recent Democratic president and younger than the one before him. At 71, Bill Clinton is in the first wave of boomers while Barack Obama, 56, is in the last.


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Workforce shift requires companies to be agile, creative

Friday, July 7, 2017

The Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce recently shared ideas, tips, and strategies to attract and retain workforce talent. Expertise and insights provided by Debbie Seeger, Senior Vice President and Co-Founder, Patina Solutions. 

Finding and keeping good talent will continue to be a challenge for at least the next decade as significant shifts in the U.S. workforce are taking place: changes in generational work attitudes; an ever more global economy; companies re-sizing; and loss of...

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