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Patina Talks

Patina Talks is a series of podcasts that showcases some of the great executives who comprise Patina Nation.  They are experts in their field and we trust you will find their insights and knowledge both meaningful and valuable. 

Please let us know if there is a particular topic you would like to hear about – and we always want to hear any other feedback you want to share with us.

Thanks for listening.

Mike Harris – CEO of Patina Solutions and host of Patina Talks


Patina Talks - Episode 5

Everyone Needs a Coach or Mentor

with Silvia Masini

Anyone and everyone benefits from a coach or mentor. Organizations’ bottom lines improve, too. Learn why and how coaches and mentors improve results and performance of individuals and employers.

Running time: approximately 17 minutes; 41 seconds

Patina Talks - Episode 4

Knowledge Transfer

with Jeff Stemke

Ideas and insights into how professionals transfer knowledge from current employees to their colleagues. An overview of a high-value talent development and sustainability strategy.

Learn more from Jeff’s whitepaper, “Unlocking the Value of Knowledge Transfer.” - Download HERE

Running time: approximately 14 minutes; 44 seconds

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