RBC Wealth Management to provide solutions to Patina Nation

Milwaukee, WI.  July 29, 2019 – Patina Nation, owned and operated by Milwaukee-based Patina Solutions, is a leading online community for independent consultants. Patina is pleased to announce RBC Wealth Management will be providing various wealth management products and services and delivering a series of educational programs for members of Patina Nation.  

“We are pleased to build on our strong relationship with RBC,” said Mike Harris, CEO of Patina Solutions. “They have an excellent reputation and we know they will do a great job in serving and educating members of the Patina Nation community.”

Kyle Leipold, of RBC Milwaukee said, “The experts at RBC include attorneys, accountants and financial advisors who provide objective assessments that Patina Nation members can take under advisement as they work to reach their financial goals. Self-employed individuals will be particularly well served with the range of solutions provided by RBC.”

In addition to providing products and services such as solo 401(k) plans and wealth management assessments and services, RBC will be hosting an Expert Series of webinars on important financial topics.  “RBC’s experts will provide highly valuable and relevant information to our members – many of whom are self-employed,” said Harris. The Expert Series from RBC will feature eight webinars throughout 2019 and 2020.

“These educational programs expand on the RBC – Patina existing partnership.  RBC offers members of Patina Nation the ability to participate in the exclusive Patina Nation 401(k) plan. Unlike most 401(k) plans, this individual 401(k) product, sometimes referred to as a solo(k), allows self-employed individuals to enroll,” explains Jonas Edstrom of RBC Milwaukee. “Members of Patina Nation are also entitled to complimentary wealth management reviews with RBC Wealth Management advisors.”

Leipold and Edstrom will be working directly with members of the Patina Nation from across the U.S.


Patina Nation is a leading online community for the growing ranks of independent consultants. It is free to join our community and member benefits are plentiful and expanding.  Please visit www.PatinaNation.com to enroll, for more information, or to learn about participating in the RBC wealth management webinars.


Patina Solutions is a national executive services company. In addition to consulting, interim executives and executive search solutions – Patina has coaches and mentors available to support nearly every industry.


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RBC Wealth Management to Provide solution to Patina Nation

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