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A global electrical components company launched a new products division. The new Vice President faced an unexpected leave shortly after the unit launched, leaving the organization with a critical vacancy before several important initiatives were addressed that were crucial for the launch. One initiative included a much-anticipated Quality Audit, critical to securing a major client. So in addition to needing a VP, they needed a Quality Auditor. These challenges were complex across a variety of plants, including remote manufacturing operations outside the United States.


Patina quickly identified and brought in an interim VP of Market Development with more than 25 years of industry experience and previous experience of successfully launching new businesses in the specific product market. Patina also deployed a senior level Quality Assurance expert to the plant to ensure a successful audit, which was pivotal to the success of the new division. Patina identified professionals with the precise industry experience and specific quality audit requirement skills.


Two highly experienced professionals helped the company successfully organize and launch the new division. The interim VP of Market Development supported the new business and successfully handed off all ongoing projects and initiatives to the Business Unit VP upon his return. The Quality Assurance Manager led an audit helping to win two new high-profile clients. His work also set standards for the operating procedures for the new unit to ensure its success and he continued serving as an ongoing advisor for this client on an hourly basis.

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