Coaching – Global Data Communications Technology Company


A multi-billion dollar communications technology company produces products and services for global enterprises. Internally, its leaders are promoted throughout the company and face new challenges and constant company innovation and growth. The executives’ needs for coaching and mentoring are unique as they aim to maximize their full potential.


The company regularly turns to Patina’s suite of executive and experiential coaches to keep multiple participants progressing toward their individual goals. One-on-one sessions are available in person and virtually for as long as needed. Among the examples of focus for this particular business are executive presence and intelligence, strategy planning and communication, leadership acumen, confidence, and presentation capabilities. Leaders and high-potential employees at the company select from a range of Patina’s coaching talent, and often count on proven favorites who understand the company culture and can relate to the individual’s desired outcome.


Nearly a dozen executives at the organization have worked with Patina coaches. Several new engagements are ramping up, as well. As customized results are delivered for each executive, and the client sees a return on the investment, the referrals continue for Patina’s diverse array of executive and experiential coaches.