Gen-X and Baby Boomers: Long-Term Experience is Just What These Gigs Require

With the gig economy steadily growing, more and more organizations are looking to partner with companies like Patina to find executive talent for interim, consulting or project-based roles. Forbes recently interviewed Founder and CEO, Mike Harris, and Co-Founder and Senior Vice President, Deb Seeger, to talk about the growth of Patina and the Patina Nation, Patina’s online community for executives to help combat the isolation of solopreneurship.

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How to Feel More Fulfilled in Retirement

Every year, people reach retirement and are unsure of how to approach this next chapter. If you want to remain active in the workforce, but don’t want a full-time commitment, there are many ways for you to feel fulfilled, even in retirement. Co-founder and Senior Vice President Debbie Seeger explains how those approaching retirement are remaining engaged in the workforce, feeling fulfilled and are still able to enjoy their new found free time.

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Why So Many Execs Love Short-term C-suite Gigs

Some firms hire interim executives to fill positions until they’re able to hire someone more permanent. For some executives, that top spot is only a short-term situation. For many, that’s just fine. covers the strategy and approach, with insights from Patina Solutions.

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Why Interim Hiring Will Soon Be Big Business in the U.S.

Hunt Scanlon Media, a leader in human capital sector information, recently covered the trend for interim executive staffing and why it’s a valuable game changer.

Overseas, hiring interim talent for short term leadership needs has been a compelling option for companies for years. According to recruiters who specialize in the space, interim recruiting is big business – and getting bigger. It generates around $2 billion annually in just the U.K. alone.

British search out fit Norman Broadbentwhich recently raised $3 million to expand its interim business, offers clients the ability to fill talent gaps with high-caliber executives and provide opportunities for workers who seek to utilize various skills, build relationships with different organizations, and explore career options. It’s been a win-win proposition for years for the firm, which now plans to expand the service.