Food & Beverage: Supply Chain Optimization & Effectiveness

Expect 3 timely supply chain success stories. Lessons learned. Plus the “how” and “why” behind impactful outcomes such as:

  • On-time in-full (OTIF) service improvement from 73% to 95% while delivering 5% inventory reduction
  • Multi-million dollar procurement savings in 6 months
  • Improving procedures to achieve a score of “95” on a critical Food Safety Quality plant audit

Telehealth Panel Discussion: Are You Maximizing Your Investment?

We’re in the age of telehealth and it’s rapidly evolving. Is the model working for providers, payors and patients? Patina presents three industry professionals who help participants benchmark and learn where there are opportunities to correct or plan for the evolution. Suited for all functions and roles in the healthcare and insurance industries. Expect insights on strategy, patient and provider experiences, technology and metrics.

Reaching Across the Supply Chain Aisle-Thoughts for Sustained Success: Webinar

Daren Samuels, National Practice Director of Operations, and Patina Professional Steve Abbott hosted a live webinar on how to achieve and sustain supply chain excellence. The pair addressed common supply chain problems with real client examples and gave thoughts on how to find success in the changing operations industry.

Click HERE for a one-page summary of the webinar.