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“Patina is a business partner that helps my companies manage risk and improve results...they help us drive performance.”

- CEO, Dedicated Computing & Tushaus

“Patina provides us proven industry expertise so we can tackle some of our most challenging strategies. It is a great partnership that we turn to again and again.”

- Vice President, Finance & IT, Johnson Controls

“Patina has been an accelerator to our business with their experienced professionals who can hit the ground running. In addition, the company’s flexible model allows us to capture more opportunities and drive faster growth.”

- CEO, Paris Presents

“We asked Patina for help in finding a Board member – they listened carefully to what we wanted, were very responsive and quickly provided an outstanding candidate who has now joined the Board.”

- CFO, Waterstone Bank

“Our company has twice engaged Patina’s mentorship program over the past year. We found both mentors insight to be refreshing, and their support and encouragement clearly builds the confidence of our mentees.”

- President & CEO, Tax Air

"I could not have asked for a better outcome, and Patina’s management of the project was the overwhelming reason we have experienced success."

- Vice President, Marketing & Public Relations, TravelCenters of America LLC

“I highly recommend Patina Solutions. Patina has proved that it can match unique circumstances to unique candidates by offering fresh alternatives, flexibility and professional staff.”

- President, DUECO, Inc.

“I was intrigued when I first heard about Patina. I was pleased that Patina was able to provide me with the exact experience set I was looking for. It was a very positive experience, and one I would not hesitate to repeat.”

- Vice President – Personal Lines & Marketing, West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

“The professionals Patina Solutions brings forward have the right expertise, enthusiasm and work ethic.”

- IT Director, City of Waukesha

“Patina Solutions is strategic and different. They listen to us and really understand our business.”

- VP of Operations, Quad Med

“Patina has been a great partner for us in obtaining experienced talent for specific projects or periods of time. I know I can count on Patina!”

- Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources, Medline Industries, Inc.

“Patina has helped Riverside work more effectively on numerous projects. Their excellent people have been flexible, creative and responsive, and we consider them a true business partner.”

- Chief of Staff, Riverside Capital Appreciation Fund

“When our CEO resigned unexpectedly, we turned to Patina for help. Within a few days, they identified some great candidates. Within a few weeks, we chose one to become our new CEO. Patina listens well, acts with urgency and is always easy to work with.”

- Chairman, Bentley World Packaging

“Patina has top-shelf professionals who have really gotten to know our company, our people and our needs – and they have matched up very high-quality people to meet those needs. We have found that their professionals have made a real difference.”

- President & CEO, IEWC

Change Effectiveness


Studies have shown that only around 30% of organizational change initiatives – e.g., business transformations, leadership changes, system implementations, restructurings, workforce programs, operational excellence programs, culture changes and new market expansions – are effectively achieved with sustained results. With significant investments in time, money and resources put into these change initiatives, organizations that increase this success rate will gain a stronger competitive advantage.

Our Patina Professionals can build and strengthen your company’s discipline for driving effective change:

  • Assess Risk & Readiness – We help determine the potential business and/or organizational risk if change is not implemented effectively, as well as the readiness of people that will be impacted by change
  • Plan & Design – We develop change plans that smartly address all the interdependencies of People, Process AND Technology
  • Execute – We provide experienced professionals with program/project management skills who will successfully execute the plan and deliver results.  We also help leaders and internal resources sharpen their change skills
  • Monitor – We objectively monitor project plan milestones and progress on stakeholder resistance, assuring project integrity and needed action planning
  • Sustain – We assure the change sticks through effective knowledge transfer, leadership focus and continued vigilance on operational measures

 Our Patina Professionals deliver specific change effectiveness solutions such as:

  • A “Steering Team” of credible, energized, no-nonsense senior leaders filled with passion for change and a sense of urgency
  • A clear and compelling vision of the desired state, credible supporting strategies and specific expectations of future performance and behavior
  • An overall plan for transformation with a clearly defined scope, clear task and realistic timeframes and resources
  • Early and frequent engagement of key stakeholders in early stages of the transformation lifecycle in planning, decision-making and action planning
  • A willingness and capability by leaders, directors and managers to change processes/systems, organizational and role/responsibilities of people
  • Leaders, directors and managers who are capable and willing to consistently “role model” the desired new ways of thinking and working with others
  • Agreement to embrace a robust, multi-channel communications strategy
  • A core set of metrics to gauge progress throughout the change lifecycle

These examples explain how we can help in a variety of situations:

Stronger “Bytes”

A global computer maker needed better balance in its product mix between new releases and existing upgrades, yet it didn’t have full leadership alignment or a clear picture of its future state.  By helping leadership find common ground, implement prioritization processes, and better use resource tracking systems, we helped this client more effectively introduce new projects and upgrades into the market, creating a significant profit increase.

Brewing Process Improvements

A well-known brewer needed a more efficient way to produce and distribute its beer products to better compete in the market. Its most significant challenge was helping its workforce – with an average tenure of 22 years – adopt new processes and efficiency tools. We designed impactful forums for the workforce to share, learn and eventually own operational improvement processes. We helped leaders at all levels understand and apply specific sponsorship responsibilities to drive change. As a result, this client realized double-digit percentage for cost improvements that it was able to sustain.

Earth-Moving Productivity

A parts manufacturer to mining equipment OEMs in China needed to increase output, reduce scrap, improve on-time delivery and better align with standards requirements. We introduced a leadership development focus that empowered mid-level managers to proactively seek issues and work towards solutions. We helped apply Lean processes to eliminate waste and increased utilization of its ERP system. The client increased output from 12 million to 75 million parts without adding manufacturing floor space and achieved its other objectives while sharply decreasing management turnover.

How we work with you

Special Projects

When you need an experienced professional, or team of professionals, to execute and/or manage a special project or key initiative, you can trust Patina to provide the right solution. We match your needs with talented executives who have done it before.

Interim Executives

When a key position must be filled on an interim basis, Patina has the proven resources to help. We’ll provide a highly experienced, precisely-matched professional to fill that role on a flexible basis — and we will act with the utmost urgency on your behalf. In some cases, these interim roles become interim-to-hire positions.

Part-Time Executives

Patina can help you complete your management team by providing ongoing, part-time executives in key leadership functions where a full-time role is not needed or desired. This is a great way to have a well-rounded, world-class leadership team no matter the size of your company.

Mentoring & Coaching

Patina offers experienced, certified Executive Coaches, as well as Experiential Coaches and Mentors, who are leaders with industry and functional expertise.

Board Members

Patina is an excellent resource for board members and advisory board members. We have access to a deep and experienced portfolio of professional talent ready to serve.

Consulting & Expertise

Patina provides consulting, advisory and thought leadership solutions that meet the unique requirements of a broad range of companies — all on a flexible basis. This work is delivered by highly experienced executives who bring specialized expertise with a focus on tangible and practical results and outcomes.

Executive Search

When you are facing vacancies in executive leadership roles, Patina can conduct an intense executive search to precisely match top-level candidates to your needs. We go beyond traditional executive search by leveraging our existing relationships with proven, accomplished executives - shortening the timeframe to place quality candidates in your open roles. Our process ensures candidates are thoroughly vetted and tailored to your unique selection criteria.

Talent Development

Strengthen your talent today and build your leaders for tomorrow.

The Patina Process


Whether your challenge is simple and direct — or multi-faceted and complex — we start by gaining an intimate understanding of your business, objectives and situation.

Solution Development

Our solution development phase is incisive and collaborative. We structure a customized solution within your budget that will meet your business objectives — and help you realize your vision or address any critical issues.

Talent Plan

Every step of the way, Patina maintains the highest quality standards for all our clients. Whether it’s a single person or a team, we precisely match our professionals’ expertise to your specific needs. Our team narrows down the options and selects one or more Patina Professionals to present to you. Every talent resource is chosen with your input and approval.

Execution & Management

Marked by close collaboration, regular communication, weekly reporting, and the highest level of project accountability and responsibility, we monitor and manage each engagement closely to ensure success.