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Supply Chain


A high performance supply chain is mission-critical for industrial manufacturers.

Many companies lack the resources to address critical supply chain issues such as capacity and quality. Patina’s clients leverage our expertise to source, manage and improve suppliers' and in-house operations.

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Our Supply Chain Professionals create value and competency through these Supply Chain Services:

Sourcing & Procurement

  • Supply chain design
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Contract development
  • Supplier development
  • Quality audit & remediation
  • Sourcing transitions & PPAP
  • Tooling optimization

Planning & Scheduling

  • Sales & operations planning
  • Scenario planning and modeling
  • Constraint management
  • Inventory staging
  • Product transition

Operations & Supplier Remediation

  • Capacity readiness
  • Material flow optimization
  • Throughput improvement
  • Quality and capability improvement
  • Shop floor execution
  • Streamline outsourced supply
  • Network optimization


Supply Chain & Operations Examples by Patina Professionals:

Supply Chain Consultant

Transferred 90+ casting patterns to several new foundries. Identified additional suppliers to take volumes and ensure project success.

Supply Chain Consultant

Transferred 150+ welded assemblies from exit supplier to five new suppliers. Accelerated planned timeline and managed supply continuity for heavy truck OEM client.

Supplier Constraint Manager

Leading PMO managing 30 projects and 15+ professionals across client supplier base. Improving throughput on critical parts to achieve vehicle build schedules and maximize revenue. Reduced total resource cost while improving results.

Turnaround Consultant

Improved throughput by 35% and reduced past due orders by 35%. Established additional shift in tight labor market. Improved purchasing and scheduling.

Supplier Selection & Onboarding (MX)

Identified four new welded assemblies’ suppliers for an industrial equipment OEM. Assisted in supplier audits and finalization of quotations. Working now to onboard the new suppliers into the OEM’s systems.

How we work with you

Special Projects

When you need an experienced professional, or team of professionals, to execute and/or manage a special project or key initiative, you can trust Patina to provide the right solution. We match your needs with talented executives who have done it before.

Interim Executives

When a key position must be filled on an interim basis, Patina has the proven resources to help. We’ll provide a highly experienced, precisely-matched professional to fill that role on a flexible basis — and we will act with the utmost urgency on your behalf. In some cases, these interim roles become interim-to-hire positions.

Part-Time Executives

Patina can help you complete your management team by providing ongoing, part-time executives in key leadership functions where a full-time role is not needed or desired. This is a great way to have a well-rounded, world-class leadership team no matter the size of your company.

Mentoring & Coaching

Patina offers experienced, certified Executive Coaches, as well as Experiential Coaches and Mentors, who are leaders with industry and functional expertise.

Board Members

Patina is an excellent resource for board members and advisory board members. We have access to a deep and experienced portfolio of professional talent ready to serve.

Consulting & Expertise

Patina provides consulting, advisory and thought leadership solutions that meet the unique requirements of a broad range of companies — all on a flexible basis. This work is delivered by highly experienced executives who bring specialized expertise with a focus on tangible and practical results and outcomes.

Executive Search

When you are facing vacancies in executive leadership roles, Patina can conduct an intense executive search to precisely match top-level candidates to your needs. We go beyond traditional executive search by leveraging our existing relationships with proven, accomplished executives - shortening the timeframe to place quality candidates in your open roles. Our process ensures candidates are thoroughly vetted and tailored to your unique selection criteria.

Talent Development

Strengthen your talent today and build your leaders for tomorrow.

The Patina Process


Whether your challenge is simple and direct — or multi-faceted and complex — we start by gaining an intimate understanding of your business, objectives and situation.

Solution Development

Our solution development phase is incisive and collaborative. We structure a customized solution within your budget that will meet your business objectives — and help you realize your vision or address any critical issues.

Talent Plan

Every step of the way, Patina maintains the highest quality standards for all our clients. Whether it’s a single person or a team, we precisely match our professionals’ expertise to your specific needs. Our team narrows down the options and selects one or more Patina Professionals to present to you. Every talent resource is chosen with your input and approval.

Execution & Management

Marked by close collaboration, regular communication, weekly reporting, and the highest level of project accountability and responsibility, we monitor and manage each engagement closely to ensure success.