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The manufacturing industry is Patina’s largest industry sector, and our Patina Nation includes proven and experienced manufacturing leaders from some of the best companies in the world. The following are some of the areas in which Patina's Manufacturing Professionals provide value:

  • Quality programs and improvements
  • Plant management and operations
  • International operations – set up, monitoring and assessments
  • Lean manufacturing; green manufacturing
  • Health and safety programs
  • Purchasing and contracts
  • Systems, analytics, data and business intelligence
  • Supply chain
  • Acquisition - due diligence and integration
  • Efficiency, design and process
  • Inventory management
  • Capital expansion
  • Profit analysis and improvement
  • Mentoring and coaching of high-potential employees
  • Team development and problem solving techniques
  • Interim executive and management roles
  • Manufacturing support functions such as IT, HR, Finance & Accounting, and Sales & Marketing

These examples explain how we can help in a variety of situations:

Interim Plant Manager

After a change in top management, a $450 million diversified manufacturer abruptly lost its Plant Manager.  After making many cuts in personnel, the client did not have an internal resource to take over at this location.  Patina provided an interim Plant Manager to keep the plant functioning and on track.  The Patina Professional managed the internal plant operations team and prepared a report of areas in need of improvement.  He also updated the job description for the Plant Manager position to provide a clear blueprint of the type of person the client should hire and participated in the interview process.  

International Operations

A mid-sized manufacturer with operations in China was experiencing an issue with the quality of its product and its overseas relationship, and this was hurting the company's profitability.  Patina provided a Patina Professional with extensive experience working with Chinese operations.  He was deployed for a one-month assignment to China to improve product quality and overall relations with the supplier.  Once our Patina Professional returned to the U.S, he prepared and delivered a report of his key findings to the client's board of directors.

Safety Program Development

A large job shop was experiencing too many safety issues, driving up its workers compensation costs and causing morale problems with its workforce.  Patina was called upon to prepare an assessment of the current safety program and to make recommendations on improving the safety of this company.  Our Patina Professional had 20+ years of safety leadership experience and was able to design and implement several programs to help this shop improve its safety record. 

Inventory Management System

A manufacturing company with six plants including two locations in Mexico was in the middle of implementing a new inventory management system.  The project had fallen behind schedule and therefore was causing significant issues.  Patina provided a Patina Professional to take over the management of this critical project.  He had prior experience in implementing this exact system and was able to make vast improvements immediately.

How we work with you

Special Projects

When you need an experienced professional, or team of professionals, to execute and/or manage a special project or key initiative, you can trust Patina to provide the right solution. We match your needs with talented executives who have done it before.

Interim Executives

When a key position must be filled on an interim basis, Patina has the proven resources to help. We’ll provide a highly experienced, precisely-matched professional to fill that role on a flexible basis — and we will act with the utmost urgency on your behalf. In some cases, these interim roles become interim-to-hire positions.

Part-Time Executives

Patina can help you complete your management team by providing ongoing, part-time executives in key leadership functions where a full-time role is not needed or desired. This is a great way to have a well-rounded, world-class leadership team no matter the size of your company.

Mentoring & Coaching

Patina offers experienced, certified Executive Coaches, as well as Experiential Coaches and Mentors, who are leaders with industry and functional expertise.

Board Members

Patina is an excellent resource for board members and advisory board members. We have access to a deep and experienced portfolio of professional talent ready to serve.

Consulting & Expertise

Patina provides consulting, advisory and thought leadership solutions that meet the unique requirements of a broad range of companies — all on a flexible basis. This work is delivered by highly experienced executives who bring specialized expertise with a focus on tangible and practical results and outcomes.

Executive Search

When you are facing vacancies in executive leadership roles, Patina can conduct an intense executive search to precisely match top-level candidates to your needs. We go beyond traditional executive search by leveraging our existing relationships with proven, accomplished executives - shortening the timeframe to place quality candidates in your open roles. Our process ensures candidates are thoroughly vetted and tailored to your unique selection criteria.

Talent Development

Strengthen your talent today and build your leaders for tomorrow.

The Patina Process


Whether your challenge is simple and direct — or multi-faceted and complex — we start by gaining an intimate understanding of your business, objectives and situation.

Solution Development

Our solution development phase is incisive and collaborative. We structure a customized solution within your budget that will meet your business objectives — and help you realize your vision or address any critical issues.

Talent Plan

Every step of the way, Patina maintains the highest quality standards for all our clients. Whether it’s a single person or a team, we precisely match our professionals’ expertise to your specific needs. Our team narrows down the options and selects one or more Patina Professionals to present to you. Every talent resource is chosen with your input and approval.

Execution & Management

Marked by close collaboration, regular communication, weekly reporting, and the highest level of project accountability and responsibility, we monitor and manage each engagement closely to ensure success.