What types of communications can I expect from Patina?

Patina values the individuals who are interested in working on engagements on behalf of the company and encourages open, two-way communication. As part of our Patina Nation, some of the ways in which we may be in contact with you include:

  • Talent Bulletins: Sent when a client request is a little outside our normal engagement scope and you might be able to help by recommending a professional. We offer you a referral fee in this process.
  • Private Equity Scout Program: Sent when our private equity clients are looking to invest in or acquire companies. We offer referral fees in this program as well.
  • Updates from Patina: Keeps you up-to-date on what is happening at Patina and will come from either our CEO or your local office Managing Partner.

We do suggest remaining a member of the Patina Nation even if you decide to take a full-time role, since there are several ways to earn compensation as noted above.