How much will I be paid when I work for Patina?

The pay rate we offer you is based on the complexity of the engagement, and it may vary by engagement. Patina pays all of its employees on a bi-weekly basis. For the protection of our Patina Professionals and clients, and in order to comply with employment laws, Patina generally operates with a W2 employment model.

Does Patina have a referral program?

Yes, we appreciate referrals from the professionals in the Patina Nation, and bonuses are available for the following types of referrals:e.

  • Business contact – you arrange and join Patina on an introductory call to a contact, and Patina wins an engagement with this contact within 12 months*
  • Patina Professional – you refer a professional for a specific engagement (you will be notified via email of the necessary qualifications), and that person works on the engagement*
  • Patina staff member – you refer someone for an open staff position at Patina (Managing Partner, Managing Director, etc.) and that person is hired*
  • Opportunity lead – you make us aware of a possible engagement, and Patina pursues and wins the engagement*

*Please contact the Managing Partner of your Patina office for full details (including amount and timing of referral bonus paid) or to make a referral.

What if I decide to take a salaried job with another employer during a Patina engagement?

When we present an opportunity to you, we will discuss the expected duration of the engagement. We expect you to be willing and able to complete the engagement when you accept it so that the Patina client is best served. If you cannot complete the Patina engagement, we do expect enough notice from you to allow us to find another solution and to make a smooth transition with the client.

Are there salaried opportunities at Patina?

We do have limited salaried roles in business development, talent sourcing, practice leadership and office general management. For the time being, most all of the employees serving on client engagements will be paid as hourly employees.  However, long-term projects may offer salaried opportunities.