Four Manufacturing Transformations: Unlock Your Supply Chain’s Competitive Advantage

Milwaukee, Wisc. (October 2020) – Patina Solutions is hosting a one-hour webinar providing insights and lessons from four US-based manufacturers that made impressive transformations in the past 18 months. The event will take place on Thursday, October 29, at noon central.

“Revenue is a critical performance indicator for manufacturers,” explains Daren Samuels, National Practice Director – Operations and Supply Chain, “and many are currently experiencing revenue declines of 30% or more in connection to the pandemic. There are pockets of opportunity within selected markets and several impressive turn around stories. We will discuss lessons learned over the past several months and best practices of those who reversed their course to increase productivity and profitability.”

Participants of “Four Manufacturing Transformations: Unlock Your Supply Chain’s Competitive Advantage” will review issues each organization faced and how strategies and tactics were put into play that delivered critical outcomes. Sample results:

  • Increased revenue, plus increased market share, by increasing product availability. Example: sales increased approximately 300%.
  • Increased cash flow — $265 million among four projects
  • New internal capability and standards to delivering each client on time, as promised. Example: OTD reduced from 80-120 days to 14 days.
  • Manufacturing plant and supplier performance improvements
  • Proven, documented ROI for clients ranging from 8 times to 15 times

Anyone wanting to view the replay of this event should click here.