Patina Talks - Episode 13


Dr. Jim Bohn, Ph.D. and Greg Wilgenbusch

Running time: approximately 16 minutes; 51 seconds


Organizational Engagement goes beyond Employee Engagement and answers questions like, “What do employees think of your organization?” And “Do they believe your organization can accomplish its strategies?” Employees’ perceptions of your organization are critical in activating motivation. Learn how an analysis of Organizational Engagement will help leaders ensure people understand the workplace mission and have the information to succeed. At the same time, you’ll confirm if leaders are committed and being held accountable.

Books by Dr. Jim Bohn Ph.D. –

“If your water cooler could talk: Organizational Engagement: Getting Beyond Employee Engagement”: View on Amazon

“Architects of Change”: View on Amazon

“The Nuts and Bolts of Leadership”: View on Amazon

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